...Offering private lessons and group 'practicas' in the southern and central Virginia area-- teaching dancers in Roanoke and Lynchburg to Radford, Blacksburg, and Smith Mountain Lake.

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“ Join me and discover this amazing dance...”

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About Argentine Tango

Have you sat and watched 'Dancing with the Stars' and marveled at the energy, enthusiasm, and dexterity of professional and non professional dancers as they dance live each week? Perhaps you experience their exhilaration and anxiety, as they are determined to show what they accomplished in their 8 hour practice days....

Most of us, like myself, choose to dance as a hobby and I invite you to taste the joy of what I discovered almost a decade ago---Argentine Tango.

Why Argentine Tango? Of all the dances one can learn, why that one? Swing is great and you feel exhilarated. Salsa brings the latin beat and atmosphere to transport you to cultures here and abroad. I love them all, but Argentine Tango has found a special place in my life.

Having danced mainly in Miami but also in Washington DC, North Carolina, Virginia and London, no matter where-- the sounds of the bandoneon combined with the rhythms of the other instruments take you to the wharves of Buenos Aires where it all began. It looks more complex than it is, with kicks (ganchos), and interrupting movements (sacadas) and leader and follower doing different steps rather than mirror image. But anyone can learn if they practice and are consistent and concentrating in the moment is the only way to be able to 'follow' like the experts! Like so many other things in our lives... we are never too old to learn something new.

  • The Dinzel Method is a step by step way to unveil the magic of Argentine Tango for the dancer or non-dancer...

  • "Argentine Tango is such an interesting dance. It seems to take over your senses and inspires you...


  • For me, dancing is a love and special hobby and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and abilities with others...

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