The Dinzel Method

Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, masters of the dance, have taught in Argentina for many decades. Here is a link to an interview with Gloria and Rodolfo: The Dinzel Method is a step by step way to unveil the magic of Argentine Tango for the dancer or non-dancer. It is a journey of discovery that I began to travel when I met Oscar Caballero of the Tango Times Dance Studio in Miami. ...

Having been trained by the Dinzels, Oscar taught tango at the Tango University in Buenos Aires between 1995 and 1998. When the University closed that year, it reopened as the Centro Municipal de Tango owned by the city of Buenos Aires, previously owned by the federal government. The Dinzels had key students-- some decided to stay in Argentina, others decided to perform and/or teach in other parts of the world. Oscar chose the Miami area to do both. He registered Tango Times ( in the U.S.and met and married Roxana Garber, his partner. They perform throughout the year, produce and star in two professional performances a year, and hold Argentine Tango practicas four nights a week at the studio. Today they have a successful business sharing their love of Tango, Modern and Folkloric Dance and other dances.

Oscar teaches that the keys to the Method are three. One must know: 1. where the weight of the follower and leader is in any part of a figure 2. the direction that the leader and follower are moving to, and 3. which foot is forward and which is backward.

Sound too didactic or rigid? It is actually the pathway to creativity!

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