• Oscar Caballero

    "Marlene came to Tango Times as an intermediate dancer and immediately I could tell how much she loved this dance. She was a fast learner, a terrific follower, and has become an excellent teacher. She was amazed when learning about the Dinzel method we teach as it opens up creativity for the leader and follower like no other dance does. I look forward to doing Workshops with her in the Roanoke/Blacksburg area and sharing the magic of Argentine Tango!"

    Oscar CaballeroOwner and President of Tango Times

  • Jose F. Hernandez

    "Argentine Tango is such an interesting dance. It seems to take over your senses and inspires you to try to pick up a new step every time you dance with someone in order to increase the moves you will have available for the next milonga. I want to thank you for teaching me one of the most beautiful steps that I have learned, one of the leg wraps. You seem to have such patience and agility to guide the person into the most difficult sequence of movements. Thanks for adding a beautiful figure to my dance"

    Jose F. Hernandez














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